KK: Both themes of sexual dialogue and love are very universally relatable wherever you may be out of

KK: Both themes of sexual dialogue and love are very universally relatable wherever you may be out of

KK: Both themes of sexual dialogue and love are very universally relatable wherever you may be out of

NRH: I have not talked to Netflix about this our selves, however, I suppose which is vital. Then indeed, that it flick has no people Us citizens in it: It is all “foreign” people in this new documentary, that is slightly strange when you yourself have which success to the Netflix. And, what is actually strange is the swindle musician, this new “swindler,” isn’t really in the motion picture. But nevertheless you could share with a great deal from the your due to the information presented.

In addition to emails and you may cities, to own exactly what happens, are from around the world. And that i assume that is a place to start an effective documentary that’s found in almost any nations.

GIJN: Inform us upcoming regarding process: You penned their analysis within the 2019. It actually was a large hit and you will instantly went widespread. How did you go from you to definitely to creating good documentary?

And exactly how we may are available in the brand new documentary

KK: Better, I can only start by saying we had been extremely nervous new Monday we were posting, wondering: Tend to anyone peruse this? Commonly our very own facts play digitally? Is it buggy? But BBWDesire somewhat in early stages, we are able to comprehend the quantities of customers towards the papers site and may even share with this is a story that individuals appreciated to learn. Therefore we could also pick on the Twitter and other social media systems that folks was basically beginning to see clearly and you will express it. I wrote both in Norwegian as well as in English, just like the i know that there was indeed numerous regions inside. Simon [Leviev] is actually regarding Israel. And there was [his] conviction inside the Finland. Another month i had written stories off London area, Amsterdam, New york, and you will Tel Aviv, all the with others which told you they’d come fooled inside the very different methods from the Simon Leviev. Additionally the facts are stated in lot of some other media around the world.

NRH: After we composed, we got lots of needs regarding some other makers and you will article writers, but we were a bit limiting. We had been saying that it had been Cecilie and you may Pernilla’s possibilities. They had a manager, and they got in contact towards creation team, which acquired our very own facts. And you may in the summertime or in nov 2019, I was contacted by development organization, and got already made a take on Cecilie and you can Pernilla.

KK: Up coming i come to talk to the production team about what the method might be, which cared for credit some of all of our situation to share with the latest tale, such as the area in which we went to Israel, such as. Borrowing from the bank by purchasing.

GIJN: Exactly how did you navigate one? Was that with your own companies, otherwise was just about it an individual choice, and was just about it something you spoke as a result of in any duration having Cecilie and you may Pernilla?

NRH: I talked too much to the writers here at VG and you may met producer additionally the director. And when i made a package, we sent these in our matter which had been blogged. That’s essential. I did not give them whatever was not wrote due to the fact you will find a lot of additional information from unpublished provide, but all this i kept to our selves. They went along to us when you look at the Norway, fulfilling you, spending time with us, and you may speaking getting 24 hours. Right after which immediately following, better, six months later on, they performed an interview with us.

GIJN: As well as how made it happen getting to understand that anybody try interested to make it towards the a good documentary and you will understanding that work manage started to such a broad listeners?

And therefore we performed go after-ups

KK: First and foremost, it was very important to me to give it story. Whenever Cecilie is actually speaking-to you, their mission is actually for it facts to come aside, also to end anyone else regarding exceptional ditto as the she got educated because of the showing his steps. Therefore we had been, without a doubt, happier which our data and you will our very own facts you will definitely do this. Perhaps I’m merely delighted on her one that have this tale towards Netflix, exhibiting him and his awesome steps, and having that now demonstrated to the world.