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5) Fiery-throated Hummingbird (and other Costa Rica hummingbirds)

5) Fiery-throated Hummingbird (and other Costa Rica hummingbirds)

The best place to stay in Guanacaste? In advance of our very own cruise, i lived-in an attractive condo into Costa Rica’s magic Papagayo Peninsula

3) Scarlet Macaw

Bright red Macaws certainly are the very loved parrots out-of Costa Rica – their magnificently brilliant color and large dimensions make sure they are exceptionally eye-popping.

Characterized by the new scarlet red that stretches using their head off their right back, brand new white mask and you will sapphire-blue wings, macaws take every bird partner’s selection of preferred.

Regrettably, because of fast deforestation (and you may subsequent environment losses) within the Central The united states and you may South america, the fresh new Scarlet Macaw was an endangered variety. So as an excellent bird lover, you can appreciate being able to sense its grandeur in their sheer environment, as a consequence of rigorous maintenance efforts.

Widely known locations observe macaws for the Costa Rica was during the Corcovado Federal Park, Jaco and Osa Peninsula.

4) Blue-crowned Motmot

The latest motmot’s environment selections away from warm forests to debateable coffees facilities all over Central The united states and you can Mexico. In Costa Rica, these are typically aren’t spotted into the northern Puntarenas and you will Guanacaste.

I noticed a standard-energized Motmot during the Arenal Clinging Bridges. (Before our Costa Rica sail, among urban centers we resided during the in the Costa Rica are Tabacon Thermal Lodge & Spa near Arenal Volcano National Park.) So it motmot has actually a red-colored-brownish tits and direct – and it is a gorgeous bird.

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