Decades on sexual readiness was 180 weeks

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Decades on sexual readiness was 180 weeks

The fresh Zagorsk breed are elevated to possess chicken and you will egg development. He’s a deep and you may greater human anatomy. The head was out-of typical size, with an individual brush and you may red-colored ear-lobes. The newest neck is also regarding medium size having silvery hackles inside the dicks. Journey and end feathers are white brown inside hens and you can nearly black inside roosters. Shanks was short and you can reddish. Feathering of the younger was slow plus the brooding instinct are weakened.

The fresh live pounds out-of eight-week-old pullets are 0.85 and that away from cockerels is actually step 1.00 kilogram; the new alive pounds from adult hens is 2.7 and you may dicks weigh step 3.7 kilogram. The average yearly design try 170 egg out of 60-62 grams; for champions the brand new relevant figure is actually 211-216 egg. The egg-shell try dense and you can brownish within the colour. Virility out-of eggs are 91% and you can hatchability 75-80%. Endurance rates of younger is actually 93% as well as grownups ninety-five%.

Selection is aimed at autosexing day-dated girls by the off colour

A feature ability off Zagorsk Salmon birds are polymorphism on the down colour of go out-old chicks. That it along with differs from positively white, or light having dark spots, so you can white brown with longitudinal streak.

Chicken Types UZBEK Game (Uzbekskaya boitsovaya)

So it breed is designed in the olden days when you look at the Main China by the selection for aggressiveness away from dicks, substantial human anatomy, good structure and you can skeleton, not as much as conditions out-of scarce giving and you will negative government.

This new reproduce keeps a wide shipment within the Bukhara and you will Sae « kulang » and in Fergana valley and you may Kirgizia because the « dakan ». They say you to in past times « kulangs » were used to have reproduction some English industrial breeds.

Long choice for dressed in intentions (knob matches) triggered the forming of birds with exclusive outside and you may structure użyć linku. He or she is higher, having a big vertically-set human anatomy. Your head was brief, a little hit bottom laterally; the comb was brief, pea-designed, tend to less. Attention was bullet, sparkling, stunning. Foot is actually much time. Plumage are thicker, rigid into the system; their the color is actually variable. The fresh new attitude was lively and competitive.

The newest live lbs regarding 9-week-old pullets try 0.97 and that off cockerels is step one.30 kg; mature hens weigh step 3.2-3.8 and you may cocks cuatro.0-eight.0 kg. Age on intimate readiness was 215 days.

Yearly design is 105-120 egg off 55-60 g. The new egg-shell was white brown. Fertility regarding egg is actually 70% and you may hatchability 80-85% Endurance rates of younger around nine weeks old try 98% as well as grownups 97%.

Uzbek Game wild birds are modified in order to local requirements. The fresh new reproduce may be used regarding the production of the fresh lines to the broiler business away from Central China.

By the 1984 the people off Prohibited-and-Speckled Leghorns achieved 900. Of these 419 was indeed kept in individual cages and you will from their website had been selected 117 hens having a 4.5-week production of 111 egg weighing 61+0.dos grams. The option differential during the egg manufacturing was fourteen eggs plus egg lbs step three g.

In breeding Black colored Speckled Australorps the main focus try paid off in order to bulk selection for down breeding decades and higher eggs lbs. Within the 1975-76 the society hit 800-900 head. When you look at the 1976 these people were joined by the males of the C range away from get across Shaver 288, to help you establish a unique artificial range. A small number of Black Mottled Australorps, 50 hens and you may 10 dicks, was indeed transferred to the fresh new gene conservation head, in which these were randomly bred having one to male to three people. In the reproduction 12 months away from 1984 its amount are 150 hens and you will forty cocks.

The fresh new live lbs out of sixty-day-old birds is kilogram; compared to mature hens was step 1.8 kg and cocks weigh dos.dos kilogram. The common yearly development was 240 egg, consider 56 grams. Virility regarding eggs was ninety-five% and hatchability 80%. Emergency rate of one another young and people try 95%.

A characteristic feature off Moscow White birds is their flexibility so you can strict climate conditions. The brief flower brush never gets freeze-bitten. Set of it breed try brought so you can increasing eggs creation and you can egg weight.

The newest real time weight of forty-two-day-old pullets are 0.83 kilogram as well as cockerels 1.0 kilogram; mature hens consider 2.7-2.8 and cocks step three.8-cuatro.2 kilogram. The typical creation try 160-180 egg a year; eggs pounds is 60 grams. The brand new egg-cover along with are brownish. Virility away from eggs are 90% and you will hatchability 75-80%. Endurance speed of more youthful to 56 times of decades try 95% and of adults 83%.

Brand new live lbs of 8-week-dated birds was step 1.2 kg; that adult hens is dos.7-3.0 and of cocks 3.5-4.0 kilogram. Age readiness was 180 days. Yearly egg creation averages two hundred egg averaging 59 g. Egg-shell try white brownish. Virility of egg is actually 95% and you can hatchability 77-87%. Survival price out-of chicks is actually 98.7% as well as grownups 95%. Kuchino Jubilee birds have high animal meat top quality: breast human anatomy away from chicks consist of 25.3% out of healthy protein. They feather easily young.

Pervomai birds is bred for eggs and you may meat production. He’s white Columbian plumage along with, red-colored shanks, reddish ear canal-lobes and a flower comb. Its conformation is actually noted from the small legs indicating compactness.

Yerevan chicken-egg chickens has actually a powerful composition and you may distinctive looks. The latest brush is actually short, that have consistent activities; ear-lobes was green; shanks was red-colored and you will plumage is actually red-colored-lover.

The fresh Zagorsk Salmon reproduce used to be several from inside the Krasnodar arid Stavropol territories and also in Moscow and you may Tambov countries. Within the last 5 years these are generally bred just during the a couple communities within the browse institutes; the inventory are 600 head.